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Gangplank and Jelly

Posted in coworking by Erik on March 20, 2010

An alternative to a full time dedicated coworking space would be to start with coworking sessions in a borrowed or possibly rented space. The advantages of perusing some informal sessions include less capital outlay for rent, the ability to better gauge community interest, and ability to change locations to better serve the coworking community that is interested. The requirements are simple: Access to internet, power, tables and chairs, in a location were we can talk openly and freely and have lively discussions. A plus would include access to coffee.

Jelly is one permutation of this sort of informal coworking arrangement. It started in New York, but now has groups meeting all over the world. In a Jelly, people simply come together for a day and work. Of course collaboration, community and camaraderie are obvious side effects of getting interesting people together, much like any other coworking arrangement.

Another model I’ve been reading about is called Gangplank. Gangplank is operating a coworking facility in Phoenix, AZ. However, another facility Gangplank Utah in Salt Lake City, UT is a somewhat different beast. It currently offers after-hours coworking but is also closely linked to the University. Connecting tech related student groups with area independents and freelancers brings a fresh take on collaboration.

For Rochester, informal collaboration with Rochester Community and Technical College (RCTC) or University of Minnesota students would allow individuals with an entrepreneurial bent to connect and collaborate with others outside of their daily experience.

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