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Who’s Your Worst Critic?

Posted in coworking by Erik on April 6, 2010

Web Worker Daily hits the nail on the head again. Their most recent article covers one of the most difficult parts of working independently for long periods of time – lack of validation. We often become our own worst critics.

Working from home often means not having someone right there with us to validate decisions or keep us and our business pointed in the right direction. We have to keep going, doing things while being confident from within ourselves that we are on the right path. That confidence, I’m finding, can be difficult to maintain when you work in a home office surrounded by reminders of your personal insecurities.

While not all individuals will trend to being overly self critical, the reality check of having interaction with others also assists in keeping us from thinking too much of ourselves or worse, our ideas. Nothing refines an elevator pitch or streamlines explaining what you do like actually saying it out loud to other real humans.

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