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Who Says Coworking Won’t Work?

Posted in coworking, industry, news coverage by Erik on March 17, 2010

Coworking has been getting a lot of  press lately and this article from USA Today is just another feather in the cap of coworking. It got me thinking about a comment left on an earlier article comparing coworking and shared office space. Jason said, “Coworking Spaces = Not Profitable and most FAIL[.] Shared Office Space = Struggling but have a PROVEN biz model.” It’s clear that the rules of business are continuously changing and that the landscape for how businesses source a physical location will change as well. I suspect that shared offices were a radical idea when the first one was pitched. Coworking will ultimately be successful in any market with a sufficiently large talent pool because of the economic benefits they provide to bootstraped and underfunded startups and solo-workers. From the article:

Such facilities surfaced a couple years ago, but they are thriving because the economy has forced companies and non-profits to use them as a practical way to save money. They are especially appealing to one-person businesses, which grew 8% in 2008

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Shared Office vs. Co-working

Posted in coworking, shared office by Erik on February 16, 2010

A quick search of the Rochester Craigslist returns a slew available office leases. One seeking a medical related occupant for only $225/month; others looking to rent out large business presences. Shared offices are a great way to save money while having a dedicated work location. Here in Rochester, the most commercialized option is the Rochester Executive Suites on 19th NW. Formal shared office plans like this start at $500/month compared with typical co-working plans that are in the $300-$400 range in most cities. Co-working opportunities and shared office space are similar but not the same.

This chart highlights some of the differences:

Amenity Shared Office Co-working
Typical Costs $500/mo $300/mo
Conference Room
Free Coffee
High-speed Internet
Desk & Chair
Room to Expand
24×7 Access
Unique Environment
Beige Business Environment
1 Year Lease
Shared Copier / Fax Machine
Administrative Support
Shared Telephone System

This is hardly exhaustive. Please leave your thoughts on the differences between co-working an shared office locations in the comments below.