Cowork Rochester

What Will Coworking Provide Rochester?

Posted in coworking, facilities by Erik on April 22, 2010

A recent WORK.LIFE column by Liz Kofman and Astri von Arbin Ahlander on True/Slant got into some of the unclear particulars of coworking. This made me think it’s time to focus the conversation of what coworking in Rochester, MN would look like because it does differ from place to place and to serve the community it should come from this community.

I would like to see coworking in Rochester provide:

  1. A space that is fiscally sustainable.
  2. A community for creative and technical people.
  3. An office location where independents, telecommuters and virtual firms can share resources.
  4. A venue where local user groups could congregate for monthly meetings.
  5. A casual work environment.
  6. An off-site meeting location for local businesses.

What would you like to see?