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Economic Makeup of Rochester

Posted in economy, industry by Erik on February 17, 2010

Some interesting data regarding the makeup of Rochester’s economy and workforce.

141,360 People live in Olmstead County; 96,975 (67%) of which live in Rochester (2008 estimate). 8,951 (6%) people generate income from non-employer establishments in Olmstead county. According to RAEDI employment numbers for major area employers, 24% of the jobs in Rochester are directly related to healthcare. 31,539 (22%) by Mayo Clinic and an additional 2,170 (2%) by other health service organizations. Hospitality is the second largest industry, accounting for an estimated 5,000 (3.5%) jobs. Adding hospitality and and the Medical industry together results in 1 in 4 Rochester residents working for or in an industry directly supporting the Mayo Clinic!

The census describes non-employers business as, “generally small, such as real estate agents and independent contractors.” It goes on to generalize their contribution to a regions economy, “Nonemployers constitute nearly three-quarters of all businesses, but they contribute only about three percent of overall sales and receipts data.” No data was available as to how non-employers break down further.¬†RAEDI provides a wealth of other information interesting information including housing prices, median age and industries.

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