Cowork Rochester

Coworking in the Other Rochester

Posted in coworking, facilities by Erik on May 5, 2010

Coworking Rochester‘s (NY) story was written up in a recent Democrat and Chronicle article. Congratulations to David Moffitt on his success with his coworking space. Rochester, NY serves an estimated population of 206K, putting it as the 99th largest city in the US, whereas Rochester, MN is just recently made the list at 271st with 100K people. It remains unclear if the population is sufficiently large and diverse enough to support a dedicated coworking facility in Rochester, MN.

I suspect that one permanent coworking / shared office type facility is sustainable per 100K people in markets with a diverse workforce and that one facility is sustainable per 200K people in markets lacking diversity.¬†While Rochester may be too small for a dedicated coworking location today, it’s clear that some type of coworking arrangement, perhaps using the Jelly model would be sustainable here now.