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Incubator Style Coworking Space

Posted in coworking, facilities, shared office by Erik on March 17, 2010

WebWorkerDaily toured CoLab, an Orlando, FL coworking space and posted insight into how coworking is working in a larger city. The space is primarily being used as an incubator style / shared office configuration instead of a solo-worker destination.

The coworking common area at CoLab is definitely underutilized. It was virtually deserted on the Monday afternoon that I visited, although I was told a few members use it on a regular basis. This is likely because CoLab’s suites are so affordable that they are packed to the rafters with small businesses.

Another reason for the lack of utilization may be due to the variety of options available to solo workers in Orlando.  In some locations where there is an existing culture of web-based entrepreneurs a larger number of startups an incubator style startup may work. In fact, this is a major benefit to any bio-technology firm considering involvement in the Pine Island Elk Run Biotech Park or even the Minnesota BioBusiness Center. However, for internet professionals, the demand for this type of space doesn’t appear to be there and downtown would be better served by a more traditional open coworking facility.


From Isolation to Stimulation

Posted in coworking by Erik on March 13, 2010

Dr. Jeff Cornwall recently posted on his blog The Entrepreneurial Mind,

In an age of technology where it is so easy to become isolated, the co-working movement has drawn those who work independently but still seek to be a part of a stimulating community.

Mental stimulation is a non-tangible take away I’ve personally experienced while coworking. Discussions about infrastructure systems, Minnesota web-technology trends and coworking immediately come to mind. At the end of a day of coworking, I feel invigorated by the discussions I’ve had and the open sharing and collaboration that has taken place.

Dr. Cornwall’s article primarily focuses on cost benefits of coworking and a new coworking space, CoLab in Nashville, TN. He points out that Coworking is a good way for boot-strap startups to keep costs low while gaining the “open environment that fosters interaction, collaboration and even shared work projects.”

Hat tip to National Association for the Self Employed (NASE) for referencing the original.

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