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8 Reasons to Consider Coworking

Posted in coworking, news coverage by Erik on March 27, 2010

Inc. has a new article, 8 reasons why you should consider coworking which is worth a quick read. Of note, Inc. is entirely virtual (since last month according to the article) and is leveraging coworking to keep their business going.

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Who Says Coworking Won’t Work?

Posted in coworking, industry, news coverage by Erik on March 17, 2010

Coworking has been getting a lot of  press lately and this article from USA Today is just another feather in the cap of coworking. It got me thinking about a comment left on an earlier article comparing coworking and shared office space. Jason said, “Coworking Spaces = Not Profitable and most FAIL[.] Shared Office Space = Struggling but have a PROVEN biz model.” It’s clear that the rules of business are continuously changing and that the landscape for how businesses source a physical location will change as well. I suspect that shared offices were a radical idea when the first one was pitched. Coworking will ultimately be successful in any market with a sufficiently large talent pool because of the economic benefits they provide to bootstraped and underfunded startups and solo-workers. From the article:

Such facilities surfaced a couple years ago, but they are thriving because the economy has forced companies and non-profits to use them as a practical way to save money. They are especially appealing to one-person businesses, which grew 8% in 2008

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Specialty Co-working

Posted in coworking, news coverage by Erik on February 15, 2010

The New York Times has an article today about a specialty co-working location Green Spaces (NY) which is focusing in on the needs of environmental startups as well as running a green business. With Rochester so heavily focused on medicine, could this area support a more focused co-working facility that was geared toward bio-technology? It’s clear that the larger environmental movement nation-wide is taking hold in a big way in the co-working space and should be included in any local efforts to create a co-working facility, bio-tech focused or not.

The future bio-technology park in Pine Island seems to indicate that traditional co-working may be to “small” to handle the needs of the medical industry. However, it’s also clear that gathering of any industry vertical together into one location is beneficial. Rochester’s smaller information based businesses would certainly benefit from the presence of a co-working facility.

WSJ Test Drives 4 Coworking Facilities

Posted in news coverage by Erik on February 4, 2010

Jane Hodges recently took four coworking facilities for a test drive. She reports on the experiences at Office Nomads (WA), Souk (OR), New Work City (NY) and The Coop (IL) through which you can get a feel for what a typical day coworking would be like.

For those who lack a conventional office, shared, or “coworking,” spaces promise to solve some of the dilemmas of working alone. These facilities provide environments where professional nomads can work in relative quiet and even socialize around the coffee pot, or copier.

Read the whole article at the Wall St. Journal.