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What’s Beyond Mayo and IBM?

Posted in economy, industry by Erik on March 5, 2010

Despite earlier ramblings on this blog, Rochester isn’t entirely Mayo and IBM. There is actually a diverse group of companies operating largely off the local media radar. Don’t tell anyone, but there’s even a Y-Combinator startup on the list below. With the University of Minnesota campus expansion in the next few years, new and fresh ideas will follow. Rochester is uniquely situated to grow in the information technology and knowledge economy. As Rochester’s business environment diversifies, collaboration and cooperation between these companies will be critical to continued success in this region.

These are a few operating or based in Rochester:

I read a depressing quote on an article from the Star Tribune while looking for information for this article.

There really isn’t a VC community/pool here in MN — especially for web technology — but even the medtech folks will tell you that its all but dried up. We’re unfortunately a layover between the coasts. You either have to be self funded or have a deep pool of the 3F’s – Friends, Family, and Fools. You’ll spend a lot of time driving around, buying lunch, getting free advice. And in the end, someone on the coast will be beat you to the punch.

Some of the above companies are directly serving Mayo or working in conjunction with IBM, but not all. One thing is certain, there is a mass of talented people working in Rochester with a diverse set of industries and backgrounds represented. The old saying that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts rings ever so true. Rochester is uniquely positioned currently to transform itself and open collaboration and sharing within the technology community will be a vital component of that success.

You can read more about these local companies in the RAEDI glossy and in Rochester Magazine’s Silicon Prairie series too. I’ve intentionally left off solo-workers and firms that exist only to serve one of the major employers for the sake of brevity. Furthermore there is no shortage of web design and development firms in Rochester, be sure to check them out while your at it. If you feel you were unfairly excluded, add yourself and a one liner about what you do in the comments below.

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