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Where Do You Work?

Posted in Uncategorized by Erik on March 4, 2010

Watching this video today made me ponder the question: do organizations like the Mayo Clinic and IBM allow their employees to work outside of the office? The few folks I know who work at IBM in other cities are primarily working from their homes so I suspect this opportunity exists, but I don’t know if it’s specific to different work units or not.

As anyone living here is aware, Rochester is a bit of a one horse town when it comes to employment. I often see groups of Mayo badge wearing folk meeting “offsite” at Starbucks, Caribou Coffee or in Peace Plaza (seasonal). I’m not familiar with Mayo’s internal structure or policies, but cross pollination of ideas and sharing is wildly beneficial for any profession, even if it’s only happening behind closed doors.

The benefits of collaboration increase the more diverse the population involved is. Would Mayo or IBM be supportive of local collaboration efforts in Rochester, or are the reins of control and limitations of regulatory compliance too tight to allow for true open collaboration?

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